Quick Mill Andreja Heater Element Wiring

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I purchased a Quick Mill Andreja (not premium, pre-SSR) with some issues that I've been working through. First issue was the pump which I have primed using a syringe and it now works, but the water coming through the group is cold. Upon removing the covers I noticed there are two wires coming from the heating element which aren't plugged into anything and I can't work out where they are supposed go.

The wires in question are the two light blue ones below:

I have found one bare piggyback terminal coming off the P Stat that one of the wires reaches, but I can't find any other bare terminals for the other wire. I have searched for wiring diagrams but couldn't find anything for the pre-SSR models.

Any help would be great, thanks.

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BaristaBoy E61

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Can you post a schematic diagram for your machine that would show all the circuitry and wiring?
That would be most helpful.
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You might contact Chris Coffee (in the USA) by email and ask them for direction or possibly for the machine schematic. They've worked with Quick Mill for many years and support all models. Even if you didn't buy the machine from them they are always willing to help.


QM Al (original poster)

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Thanks for the suggestions, I have emailed Chris' Coffee for the wiring diagram.

I'll draw it up if they cant help, I've never drawn one before so could take a while.

QM Al (original poster)

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So I got impatient and decided to draw up the wiring. I used an existing diagram I found for the QM Anita and made some changes to match my machine. Apologies for the scrappy job, I not too familiar with this sort of stuff.

At the moment the issues with the machine are:
1. Heating Element wires not plugged into anywhere and unsure where they are supposed to go. Heating light comes on.
2. Pump not turning on to fill boiler (related to above?). I disconnected the water probe and still nothing. Pump works fine when using group.
3. Power Light not coming on (related to above? could be blown globe).



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Might be good to post some photos of the inside of your machine. Tough to guess what's there and what's not. Since it doesn't have a SSR, does the machine have a Finder relay somewhere?

This is a schematic of a Vertrano (I think) of probably the same era... top of page 5. Might be helpful, but maybe not.
How long should a pressurestat last?

QM Al (original poster)

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Thanks for that link. The wiring has many similar elements but my machine doesn't have a SSR or Finder Relay. I can see a blue finder relay in the GICAR box but not like the diagram.

Photos of the broader machine below.

I am thinking the wire without the protector goes into the spare NC spot on the P Stat and the other wire to the Solenoid with the current solenoid wire attaching onto the piggyback connector.

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Just a note from the pics...
The top of the control box (RL 30) is either overheated or very dirty. You may check out over heating.
If you found the machine with the heater wires pull off, you should check the resistance of the boiler heater. Likely under 100 ohms.
And also check each leg to ground, that should be in the high meg-ohm region.
I don't have that quick mill model, but the boiler over-heat device should be in direct series with the boiler power. Not floating in thin air.

Just helping along...

QM Al (original poster)

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Thanks Davi, I'm increasingly beginning to think this needs a full tear down and rebuild/wiring. You touched on the over-heat device and I noticed there is no safety thermostat on the boiler (not on bottom either), it looks like there are two pressure release valves though. From what I can tell it seems like the valve labelled 2 should be a safety thermostat leading to the heater.


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#2 appears to be the anti-vacuum valve, although it doesn't have the "cup" seen on the later gens using this valve.

I was also looking for the high limit switch (safety thermostat) but couldn't see it in your photos. I thought it might be on the bottom being an older model QM, but you just confirmed it's not there.

My brother's Andreja is probably a generation newer than yours and his high limit switch is next to the upper HX port.

Note that his high limit switch is NOT the screw in type that screws into the boiler. His switch is actually held in a bracket/clip and the bracket/clip is held to the boiler via the same screw that the boiler ground wire is connected to. Does your boiler show evidence/imprint of a high limit switch near the ground wire screw at the top of your boiler?

Also, of interest is that the position of what appears to be the high pressure relief valve (#1) is located right below the power switch wiring. If it blows, water would spray that area... not good! On my brother's machine (and mine) the high pressure relief valve is dead center of the boiler (that tall brass part you see in the photos).

I have to assume you bought this machine used, so do you know if the previous owner disassembled it? Could it be possible he didn't put it back together correctly?

Since there's not much info/documentation/configuration for this machine, I highly recommend you wait on a reply from Chris Coffee to see what they say. It would be very good to have the documentation of this specific gen Andrea so you know where everything goes/is supposed to be.