Quick Mill Alexia Evo PID temperature setting problem

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I bought a Quick Mill Alexia EVO on this site about a month ago. The PID seemed to be working fine until yesterday. The temperature will go up to 280 as if set to steam milk and then slowly fall down to the low 200's. It never gets down to the set temperature of 200. It will then go back up to around 280. This process simply cycles over and over. I have checked to make sure I didn't have the steam switch on (did that once). Any idea what might be going on? I have zero experience working on espresso machines. Thanks.

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Anytime the machine is plugged in with the cover off, KEEP ONE HAND IN YOUR POCKET

DO NOT use the machine if you think the boiler is actually getting to 280°F

Check all electrical connections for integrity and discoloration with the machine unplugged!
Check the PID connections.

If you can determine the PID model, post it.

The thermocouple [TC] could be bad. All manner of weird behaviors are often fixed with a new TC.
TC can go bad if any water leaks into them.

Post some images of the machine internals. [There does not appear to be much online]
  • top of boiler
  • PID
  • all connectors
Ages ago, I had an issue with a Solis SL90 where the thermal grease had dried out and control was all over the map. 5 years ago the TC on my Vibiemme DB went haywire and so did the machine.

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#3: Post by JRising »

When the temp goes up to 280, describe what you see...
The PID Display slowly ramps up until it gets to 280F as if the boiler is actually being heated up to that temp?
Or, the PID Display sometimes displays what might be the actual temp, but the numbers keep changing and it is often displaying 280F?

If you open the steam wand while it's displaying 280, does the volume/flow of steam look like the boiler is really that hot, or do you get a blast of steam that tapers off quickly as the pressure decreases?

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#4: Post by Jonskiles (original poster) »

When I opened the steam it pumped out steam full blast and did not taper off. The group head would also spit steam when I engaged the pump. The weird thing is it has now stopped doing it. Now it appears to be functioning perfect. It hits the target PID temperature and maintains it. I am completely confused about what was going on or why it would last a few days and then resolve. The only thing I did was turn the machine on. I let it sit turned off for a few days while I tried to figure the problem out. I turned it on to see if I was missing something and it was back to normal. And no...I was not on medication or smoking recreational marijuana!

Jonskiles (original poster)

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When I turned the machine on the PID would slowly show the temperature ramping up as normal. It simply kept going up to 270 or 280 and then would slowly go back down to 210 or 220 and then cycle back up again. Judging from the steam coming from the steam wand when open or from the group head when purging water, it was not just the display malfunctioning.

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#6: Post by walr00s »

Chris' Coffee might be willing to help you, even though you didn't buy from them. To me, it sounds like your machine is in steam mode even though the switch is toggled off. On the rare occasion that I steam multiple back to back milk drinks, this is exactly how my machine behaves. The heating element cuts off at 275 in steam mode and the temperature peaks at ~285. When I've used enough steam, it comes back down to ~220ish and then I can hear the boiler filling and the temperature heads back towards 275


#7: Post by GreenEggsAndSam »

Can you post a photo of the PID? There are four different varieties, and troubleshooting steps would vary between them.