Pullman Chisel Distribution Tool - Some Modifications

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Although this post is regarding mods for the Pullman Chisel, I must first preface it by noting the inspiration for the first mod. I own, and have semi-retired, a Mahlgut Dozer distribution tool with the stainless steel finish. Out of the box, this tool is substantial at 1029 grams or 36.3 ounces (2.27 pounds). From day one, I realized that the Dozer was a heavyweight as compared to other distribution tools that were currently available. So much so that it was cumbersome to manage rapidly in my workflow. However, I pressed on and became accustomed to the "heft in hand" of this tool.

As I own a VST model Pullman tamper, which I use everyday, I decided to purchase the Pullman Chisel distribution tool. I immediately recognized the much lighter weight of this tool. Weighing in at a comparatively modest 425 grams or 15 ounces, I initially thought that the Chisel would perhaps require some muscle in downward pressure to compensate for the lack of gravity assisted load. That was not the case. But somehow I just missed that added oomph of the Dozer, although maybe just a portion.

Enter the mod. Opening the Chisel reveals four revolver style cylinders, obviously designed for reducing the weight. Well, I needed some of that weight back, but not nearly not as much as the Dozer. I purchased four threaded bolts which I cut down to the depth of the center of the tool's midsection. Each was then ground and filed to achieve even weight of each bolt (as if this tool may, at some time, reach very high RPM's requiring perfect balance :wink: ). Each was then glued into place with some (excessive) cyanoacrylic glue. This modification achieved a weight increase to 542 grams or 19.12 ounces (1.2 pounds). I am satisfied with the conversion and the Chisel remains a fixture on my bar.

The second mod is a bit less impressive, however it has also added some value to my workflow. Unlike the Dozer, which features a knurled edge around the circumference, the Chisel does not. The smooth surface does not provide enough tactile grip to get a good spin. I purchased a package of black silicone wristbands which are 7" in diameter. Per the photo, it fits perfectly snug in the groove and almost appears to be an original accessory. Addition of the band ensures a nice secure grip which enables confident spin and transport to/from the portafilter.