Project: Old Elektra "Deliziosa"

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I picked up an old Elektra Deliziosa 115v machine, in need of repair, along with a lot of spare parts - group, grouphead, portafilters, p-stats, Gicars, lamps, group gaskets, on and on.

I'll post pics later - tired, drove 7 hours round trip to get this.

This is not the "Sixties" model that sometimes has "Deliziosa" appended to its name. Here is a picture found on the internet of the model I have - NOT the actual machine I bought, which is in pieces!

This is a funny little machine.

In some ways it is a scaled down version of the 1980s/90s "commercial" Elektras like the Modern. It has the same group, group head, similar heavy copper boiler, similar heavy steel frame.

In other ways it is a "consumer" grade machine. Specifically, it used a small pump, has small steam/hot water valves with knobs, and doesn't seem to have the typical big pressurestat.

Although, this one has been tinkered with so I'm not positive how close it is to "original" condition. For example, it has a remote rotary pump which the seller said he added.

Anyway, my plans are to restore it for my office. I've been looking for a one group, 115v Elektra for some time!

I am thinking:
1. Usual descale, restoration, polish, fixing
2. Install commercial Elektra valves with toggle handles (I don't like knobs); I have extras of these, faceplate and frame and hardlines will have to be modified.
3. Install standard commercial Elektra p-stat (or should I go modern electronic temperature controller?); I have extras of this, hardlines will need to be modified.
4. Disconnect one heating element (need to lower peak amp draw, since my office circuit is also powering computer, portable AC, space heater, etc); this machine will only make 1 or 2 shots at a time so I can deal with slower boiler temp recovery.
5. Install a relay to cut off the heating element when the pump is running (again, to lower peak amps).
6. Build or adapt a cart or stand to hold and conceal water supply, dump tank, remote pump, etc.
7. Any other mods you'd do, "while I'm in there"?

Anyway, a fun new project. I've restored two Elektra Modern 2G 230v machines with a third in the queue, but not a little Elektra yet.
John, Portland OR
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Hi John, did you pick up the Elektra posted on Seattle Craigslist? Would love to come and check out your restoration project.

jyl (original poster)

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I did, be happy to show it to you but will have to be in a while - I've been fighting a medical issue and have ultrasound tmrw, I'm hoping that will lead to removing this blasted gallbladder.
John, Portland OR
Vintage bicycles, Porsche/VW, cooking, old houses.


#4: Post by athoangphan »

Hope all goes well tomorrow, John!