Profitec Pro 800 on but not heating

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My Profitec Pro 800 is not heating up. It powers on (green light on), but the element will not heat (orange light does not come on). I removed the anti-vacuum valve atop the boiler, and can see that the boiler is full (I have the machine plumbed to a 5 gal bottle). I tried resetting the high limit switches, but no improvement. I am told the buttons on those switches do not click or give any indication that they have been reset, so I pushed them in several times, as per the instructions on WLL's support page. I also checked the high limit switches with a multimeter, and there is continuity in them. Same with the heating element, and it is sound.

Any suggestions on what else I can check?


#2: Post by physh »

Possibly not detecting water? My Synchronika does exactly that when the tank is empty, is your water sensor working?

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negrocorto (original poster)

#3: Post by negrocorto (original poster) »

Haven't been able to check because of an emergency quick trip. I just now confirmed that the water level sensor is intact, and that water is flowing freely to the machine. I also noticed that upon switching the machine ON, there is a click about 3 seconds later, that seems to come from the solenoid. Could it be that the solenoid is faulty?


#4: Post by JRising » replying to negrocorto »

If you mean the boiler fill solenoid, then no. the solenoid's probably okay. You can confirm that the solenoid coil is charged with a metal tool near it, you'll feel the magnetic attraction if it's charged. But if the boiler-fill sloenoid is ON and the pump isn't running, that is strange.

Confirm for us what the machine can do. If you take the electrical connection off of the boiler-fill probe, don't let it touch anything and then turn the machine on for 6 seconds, does it try to fill the boiler further? (Ie You can hear the pump going). Or does it still just "click" the solenoid. (Or click something). If it's trying to fill the boiler but the pump won't run, then the boiler won't ever get full and it won't start heating, but your problem is that your auto-fill isn't working, nothing to do with heating.

Now, if you've confirmed that auto-fill is working, put the connector back on the probe and turn the machine back on. Re-confirm that the click is a solenoid, because we have to find out why, if it's not filling, then only thing clicking would be a relay for the heating-circuit as far as I can guess.

If you're not comfortable testing a live machine, I strongly suggest you have someone else look at the machine if a continuity test or two with the machine unplugged don't reveal anything. That said, go ahead and unplug it then measure resistance across the element. If it's an open circuit then you've found your problem. Replacing an element isn't awful.

negrocorto (original poster)

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JRising, first of all, thanks for your tips, and apologies for my not responding sooner; last week's winter storm had a lot to do with that. I checked the fill solenoid, and there is a very slight attraction of a needle that I place close to it. Should the magnetic attraction be stronger? I also disconnected the boiler fill probe and turned on the machine, and nothing happened. Also, I disassembled the fill solenoid and the attached one-way check valve and made sure they were clean and w/out obstructions. Still nothing. You asked what the machine will do, and the answer is nothing. The green light comes on, but the orange light does not come on, indicating the heating element is off because the machine thinks the boiler is low on water. I did

Any ideas on what to check next?


#6: Post by JRising »

Wow, that's not good. If the machine does nothing with the boiler fill probe disconnected, then the logic board isn't even getting to the step of checking boiler level and filling boiler. I don't know the Profitec line well enough, but how does your machine behave when the reservoir is out of water? Could it be as simple as thinking that the reservoir is empty?
The basic function is: Power on. Check if boiler is full. If full, heat boiler. If boiler isn't full run pump and open solenoid valve until water touches probe. So if your machine isn't even getting to the step of trying to fill the boiler, either the empty reservoir check is preventing it, or your control box is failing.

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BaristaBoy E61

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Have you, can you confirm that the pump can run?
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negrocorto (original poster)

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The machine is plumbed into a 5 gal bottle, and I've confirmed that the Aquatec pump is good. The on-board vibratory pump is disconnected because I couldn't get it to work when I received the machine. But for the year and a half that I've had it, it's worked fine plumbed in.