Profitec Pro 700 start up issues

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My 2017 Profitec Pro 700 has been perfect until this start up issue. I just changed both relays thinking that was the problem. Well this morning I made this video . When I turn the machine on the green light comes on but the orange sputters and goes off. Pid is also dark. Then I flick the on-off switch on-off a coupe of times and the green,orange and PID light up and the machine runs perfectly. I want this fixed so I can use my Wemo smart plug. Anyone have the same issue on your EMC or Profitec Pro 700 machine? How do I add the video I made ? Thank you

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What's your water quality like?
Might this be related to a reservoir float issue that the PID thinks the reservoir is empty so it shuts down?
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It's not the water quality or magnet. How do I download the video?

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If you are familiar with an electric diagram, here we go, more easy to locate the possible faulty item, or issue cause.

Otherwise, since your video is "invisible", any theory is valid, from a defective power switch, to a defective 12V power box, defective gicar board, defective, PID, defective magnetic sensor, burnt electric connections...etc etc.

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This is frustrating . Can you tell me how to download a video on this forum?


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I don't think a video will tell us much more than what you've explained. It sounds like 2 possibilities, either faulty relay in board, or faulty plumb/tank switch or tank float issue - can you tell us if it's ran tank or plumbed?
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bridge wrote:I want this fixed so I can use my Wemo smart plug.
You dont happen to have this plugged in to a Wemo while it's exhibiting these symptoms do you?
I've had bad luck using wemo plugs with higher demand devices

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I'm using the water tank. After a few faulty starts the pid and orange light come on and the machine runs perfect. I just changed both relays yesterday. Didn't help. I've checked tank and magnet .