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Next time you can see the same issue, without switch off the machine, try to move up and down the water reservoir, if the orange light and PID goes on, the culprit could probably be the water reservoir floating magnet.

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I will try that tomorrow morning. But if that were the case why does it start up after 3 or 4 tries ? Also the machine has been on for 10 hours . If I now turn off the machine and then on it starts right up first time.

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Where is the genius out there that has the answer?


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i did use the search function, i found out something similar to your case, same machine similar issue, it come out was the electronic board.
Have a good reading :wink:
Profitec Pro 700 Start Up Woes [FIXED]


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Good find. Forgot about that thread but that would be a worthwhile read for OP

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Op what is the answer to this issue? This is driving me crazy. Check the video out please.This issue only happens in the morning after the machine is off for 12 hours. I simply turn the on-off switch a few times and the machine starts up pid and orange light goes on . I can test it any time during the day and it starts perfectly. It only happens on the morning start up. Thank you


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Why don't you run a line from the plumb in connection to a bucket and see how that goes?
I know you said it's not the tank, but you won't know with certainty unless you try running the machine plumbed in


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Another fairly easy check would be the ground wire for the switch from tank to plumb-in and vice versa. I don't know this machine particularly well but if the tank/direct water ground isn't grounded correctly it could cause issues. That could also explain why your machine starts up ok after a while (this is more speculation but worth checking).

If you have a multimeter, check that ground for resistance. It should be reading 0 ohms.


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When the PID goes dark, that indicates the PID is not being supplied with its 12V. The intermittent sputtering of the orange heating lamp is due (or at least could be due) directly to the PID turning off and on. The fact that it occurs only at AM start-up may be temperature related (i.e. some circuit component doesn't stay closed at cold temperatures), though I'm not sure where that might be. You could observe the 12V output from the controller (with a multimeter) to see what happens to the PID supply during the early AM start-up.

Have you tried running the machine without the "smart plug?" It may get briefly discombobulated by the higher current demands at start-up. Another possibility is that something changed in your house electric supply wiring from the breaker box to the kitchen outlet. Sometimes small resistance changes can affect the function of sensitive electronic components.

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Not using the wemo smart plug right now. It's just so odd that after I turn the on-off switch a couple of times the pid and orange light up and tanks heat up. I can experiment and turn the machine off during the day and then on and it starts perfectly. It's just in the morning after being off for 11 or 12 hours that the pid and orange light won't stay on.