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raknyc wrote:Also, I just reconnected the pump and put in the water reservoir (it's usually plumbed). I activated the brew lever and everything seems to be flowing like the 'good old days' except that it will be cold espresso with no heating element- perhaps good for the summer? :D

Even more info:
The resistance across the heating element leads is showing 14 ohms...this doesn't sound like enough, but I don't really know what it should be- should I replace the element?
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14 Ohms across a cold 1000W element is good:

Also check for short to ground (With the leads still off, test each side of element to the metal body of the element housing) If there's not continuity, then the element isn't waterlogged.

I'm going to throw in the guess that your machine sat unused long enough that the pump was too stiff to start. The inrush current of the motor failing to rotate at start-up drew enough amps to pop the circuit breaker. Now that you've unstuck it, it's going to be fine. If the element isn't shorted to ground, reconnect it and try running the machine again.

(Since I'm certain it's going to be okay, now) Have a great weekend, enjoy your espresso.

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Actually the machine had been used regularly (part of my usual morning routine) before I had this problem, so not sure if I had a stuck pump, but in the end it all turned out OK (of course with part replacements, etc.)

Just a slightly embarrassing note- after I reconnected the boiler, it was still tripping the breaker on the power strip. At that point, I realized that I'd used a cheap power strip after I'd originally disconnected the machine to work on it, so I switched to a more robust line, and everything came on and worked to perfection. No more Dunkin' Donuts!

Thanks again for everyone who chimed in on this, and especially to John for all the good advice.


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raknyc wrote:image
Thanks again for everyone who chimed in on this, and especially to John for all the good advice.

The one in the photo's beautiful. You owe me one like that.

Good work, Eric. Glad to hear you got it back on track. Sorry it was one of the more expensive components.