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Bdfrank wrote:To find the SSD, i just googled "Profitec 700 solid state relay. Two major online coffee shops came up and have them. I do not want to mention anyone specific as I have bought parts from both and had both luck and problems with both,

Notably, I have not replaced the part yet, although promising, unknown as a fix until I try...
If you know anyone who installed CPUs, you can likely borrow a small bit of thermal paste.. arctic silver is one brand I used to use.. It might be a bit of a pain relocating it as you might need to length the wires.. and as they are carrying lots of current you want good crimps and make sure you don't go smaller gauge on wires.
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Bdfrank wrote: I have gotten so tired of pulling the machine apart, that I am now ordering double parts and saving them in the "espresso machine parts box" at home. I am not sure if all Profitec take this care (had a quick mill Anita that I never had to touch), might as well be an old Porsche... though admittedly, very nice looking mechanics/plumbing with this machine
I was impressed with the build quality of Profitec but very disappointed with the electronic thermal design of the SSR and mechanical design of the thermosiphon in my HX. The performance of my machine is dismal for rebound and means I can only make a few shots before a long reheat. After 3 years, I now know I can re-drill the restrictor but I have come to rely on my Robot more for espresso. I use the HX mostly for steaming. With the quality of manual levers now.. there is no need, for me, to have an electric machine.. I invested my money in the grinder.

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Me too

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Thanks for the info, fine on the wiring etc. Do a fair amount of electronics. I will post the results, probably a week or so.

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All right, replaced and relocated SSD. Thanks Bluenoser

Original location, new location... So far so good, if it fails or is not the problem, I'll be back. Won't be sure until a week or so of use.


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I'm betting that was your only issue.. although the other maintenance might help its longevity.. That should help a lot as it is drawing the cool air in from the bottom..


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Thanks for this excellent Repairs forum thread! Relocating the relay to that area with better cooler air circulation makes great sense. The only concern I'd have is that in that location it might be more exposed to drips and steam condensation in the event of leaks (note the dried drip stains in the photo), though I'm sure that risk could be mitigated.