Profitec Pro 700 brew boiler level dropping.

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I leave my machine on and in the mornings when I make a drink, I am getting steam coming out of the group-head for about 5 seconds with no brew pressure. Once it fills, I get water at the correct brew pressure as the water level "catches up", but the temp has dropped from the cold water coming in to replace the low level. Ive obviously got a leak and its not auto re-filling during idle time. I'm not getting water in the drip tray and I don't have steam coming from any plumbing or valves (that I can see) with the cover off. Any help on diagnosis is appreciated.


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Check the braided hoses going back to the pump, do they or the pump feel hot? is hot water returning to tank? if so your brew boiler no return valve may be failing, if so clean valve or replace. The other possibility is worn group valves, but that would usually mean water leaking into drip tray from exhaust and you say thats not happening.
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Kitt's answer is 100% correct.
The third possibility is that your boiler-fill valve leaks internally and is allowing the expansion pressure of the brew circuit which can be as high as 12 bar, to leak over the fill valve into the steam circuit which is only about 1.5 bar. This can be proven if you see your steam gauge rising noticeably while brewing, that's brew-circuit water overfilling the steam boiler.

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I have checked all of the above.. The braided hoses are not warm and the steam pressure doesn't rise when brewing. The only other thing i can offer in terms of evidence is it seems I have a leak as the water in the reservoir drops faster than my rate of use, but I have no idea where it is going because my drip tray is always dry. I cant find a steam leak by hearing or feeling anything either. Any help is appreciated as I ve been stumped on this for some time. Ive been working on my own dual boiler espresso machines for over ten years, but I cant seem to pin this one.


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That is odd, seems an obvious one, but have you checked both element seals? Did you feel the braided hoses first thing in the morning just before you get the steam from group?

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Update: I disassembled the machine and found the brew boiler to be leaking from a weld. It was replaced via warranty