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PIXIllate wrote: I do have the original mushroom. It was not in the box and I had to request it was sent to me.
Dont quote me on this but I think I've read some kits also have a larger spring for the lower part of the GH? But I suppose if iDC only sent you the mushroom then that's it. I believe the Lelit kit does but not 100% certain.


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The ECM kit comes with a different spring to defeat/override the built-in e61 pre-infusion delay. If you put it in there is no longer any pre-infusion like an e61 machine has always had. This makes sense in the Lelit as they have implemented this in the software built into the machine but for the ECM/Profitec there is no such replacement in software. So unless you are activly using the flow control for EVERY shot you lose pre-infusion when swapping the springs.

In my case it does not apply because (for whatever reason) the Profitec kit does NOT come with a spring. The pressure gauge is also black instead of white and has the different logo on it. Even if I had the other spring I wouldn't install it as I rarely use the flow control actively and the small amount of pre-infusion the e61 has is helpful for pretty much all coffees.

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Makes sense thanks for the 411.


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Just checking back in after a few weeks to report the issue of reduced flow hasn't happened since I removed that little bit of rubber. I'm getting close to calling this one solved.


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Another follow up on this.

So it happened again. Not no flow, but since I started paying attention to this I noticed the ramp up time with a blind basket was getting longer. When everything is correct it hits 10 bar (9 bar with coffee) at just about 7-8 seconds. When I noticed that was becoming more like 9-12 seconds I checked things.

I measured the flow over 20 seconds from an open grouphead into a coffee cup on a scale. I should get something like 140g in that time which calculates out to 7ml/sec, or stock flow rate. It was down to about 110-120g in 20 seconds.

It seems what solves this is to lift the lever and turn the flow control WIDE OPEN while the group is running and then dial it back to where you were. Whatever is happening this seems to clear it up.

Still not quite sure what this is or what in the flow control could be getting clogged.


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I don't have the ECM kit, but I have the Coffee Sensor version of it...

At least on mine, there are a couple small o-rings on the needle valve stem that seal it to keep the water from coming out the top. That piece you found almost looks like maybe a bit of one of the o-rings got shaved off during operation of the flow control valve...

You might want to pull it back out of the group head and then separate the two halves of the FCV. Unscrew the threaded joint shown in this picture you posted:
PIXIllate wrote:
Also, this is what the Profitec/ECM flow control mushroom looks like close up in case anyone is interested.
Remove the knob from the top stem and then you should be able to unscrew the stem (CCW) from the bottom. You might need to replace those o-rings on the stem.

That is all assuming the ECM version is constructed the same as the Coffee Sensor version...

I was having issues with control on my kit being too coarse so Coffee Sensor sent me a new stem and gicleur which worked great. In the process of installing the new parts, I found that one of the o-rings on the stem had swelled up a bit and was binding a bit as you operated the FCV. (But the new stem had new o-rings already installed so no big issue.)



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jrham12 wrote:I don't have the ECM kit, but I have the Coffee Sensor version of it...
That is all assuming the ECM version is constructed the same as the Coffee Sensor version...
I don't think the ECM/Profitec kit is the same construction. What seems to solve it is opening up the FC knob all the way briefly while the group is running. Still not sure. For the almost non-existent amount I use it I might just reinstall the regular mushroom.