Pressure Not Releasing/Continuous build up

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Version 2.0 of problem:

Now the water is coming out of the brew group when I switch up the brew lever, however, the pressure gauge shows an increase in pressure (even without a basket in the group head) and then the pressure doesn't release when I drop the lever. I turned off the machine again because I don't want the pressure building up and breaking something else but I'm at a loss here.

It's bizarre because with the machine on, and the lever down (off), the pressure will sit for a minute, then jumps up on the gauge. Then it will drop a bit over time and then bounce up again.

If I back flush it the pressure gauge doesn't go up, but the water does flush out when I lower the brew lever. Then the pressure starts going up again with the lever in the down position. Then the pressure just hangs there with the machine off and slowly dissapates. Sorry if that sounds convoluted. I'd gladly show a video if that would help.

I am not a handy person so I'm not sure what's going on. Is something blocked somewhere? I would try to pull a shot because I was reading pressure gauges are only accurate after a normal 25-30 second cycle, but I also don't want to mess anything else up.