Pre-millennium Europiccola won't pressurize

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I have an 80s Europiccola that I recently acquired from ebay. Forgive me in advance if I get some of the terminology wrong here.
When it has heated up the pressure release valve is constantly leaking steam. I have removed the safety valve casing and can see there is a spring and a ball bearing in there. I put cleaned that casing seat off thoroughly and put it back together as tightly as I could. No change.
When I actually try to pull a shot water comes gushing out of the portafilter as I pull the lever up. I have replaced the gaskets on the piston and and the one that goes around the piston rod so I am assuming this is a pressure problem related to the leaking pressure release valve. Any pointers are appreciated.

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

I wonder if this is the same case as in this other thread: Pavoni Europiccola leaks water though portafilter when lever is raised

Now, I don't know the older machines that well but you might have a version without a pressostat in which case it is normal that the OPV hisses when up to pressure.

In this case I would wager you have either preground coffee, bad grind, or just old beans in which case I would say just keep grinding finer.

Let us know :)

Edit: See the machine versions and their features from here:

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hi and welcome
+1 on the above
an 80's europiccola with dual heating element will always vent via the ovp. make sure it is on the low setting when trying to pull a shot.
and make sure you have fresh ground coffee from fresh beans ontherwise it won't work whatever you do.
For other tricks and tips the search optin on this website is highly reccommended.
and of course for a general readup on La pavomi (and other levers) check out this website:

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Thank you for the quick responses! This is very helpful, will see if a finer grind and turning the boiler down is enough to resolve the issue.

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AMAZING! I feel like an idiot, that did it. Thank you both. What a relief.