Ponte Vecchio Lusso not heating properly - Page 2

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#11: Post by sorrentinacoffee »

did the machine boil dry? the element looks burnt...

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#12: Post by Sebastiaan007 »

Must say it looks like it has been burnt indeed.
And / or didn't you clean out the boiler of old water every few days?
I barista, do you?

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josh (original poster)

#13: Post by josh (original poster) »

i will try to post a better picture. the element is cracked and has never run dry. i do not take the old water out very often but i make 4-8 shots a day and have not seen any buildup. could a power surge be the cause?


#14: Post by mattx52 »

I had the same problem, but have (so far) found it impossible to get the pressurestat off. As a consequence, my PV has been languishing under the stairs. Having found a wrench low profile enough to get to the back of the pressurestat at its mounting point, my main fear has been shearing off what seems to be a (mostly) brass screw thread holding it all together. Am I being too gentle? Should I be getting out a hammer and giving the spanner a bit of "encouragement"?