Pavoni Domus Bar DED boiler removal and seal replacement ADVICE REQUIRED

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I am new here, first post, so forgive any lack of jargon or deep know-how.

by way of intro, I own two wonderful Pavoni machines A Europiccola Level machine and a Domus Bar DED (electric dosage)

The Domus is leaking at the group head-ish area. and replacing the group seal has not solved it. So I am in the midst of removing the boiler to check generally and to replace the main boiler seal - the large round red seal.

I have followed some awesome online guides on most of this process. For anyone needing help then the Pavoni Domus seems very similar to a Lelit model, and the guide for that is very useful ... ment-guide

also a great YouTube video for the Lelit will get you pretty much there

I am seeking some advice and help because upon extracting the main boiler there is a securing bolt I cannot undo, and because of this cannot split the boiler.

this image below shows the issue, the bolt circled red cannot be removed because the other attached part sits atop it. There are three main points on the other part which I circled green, as points that possibly it may be removed to give space to then remove the bolt.
I have not tried these much as they seem to be sort of glued with a plastic or flux at the brass, and the silicone connector bolt seems to be stuck very tight too?

From the youtube video above, this is very different in position to the example. at 6m 49s you can see there is clearance in this case to allow the bolt to be removed.

So grateful for any ideas. So I can progress this repair and inspection. Sorry if anything is unclear in my description, I am a novice by standards.

I am fairly sure it would be a case of removing the steel silicone holding bolt, but as I say this seems fixed so tight I have put in a lot of might and dont want to ruin without asking for expert views.

thank you

edit: for context here is the boiler as it sat in the Domus this morning, you can see it is set at a very steep angle meaning the bolt is trapped.

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gratful if anyone can provide a view. I have been reaidn more and it seems these often use a food grade thred lock. it could just be that which I need to crack, loosen the 90 degree bend and remove the boiler bolt.

thanks for reading.

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I had this problem myself on this kind of group. My only solution was to drill the bolts... Did you try some WD40? I remeber on mine that the boiler itself was threaded. remeber that brass if softer than steel to if you ruin the threads it may be a mess.

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thanks ToM4.
Thing is even if I drill the remaining bolt I am still left with a probelem as I cannot put a new bolt in.

So it seems almost certain the steel union needs to be removed from the bend, to ake space for the bolt to be extracted upwards.

If there is a thread lock on here (it appears a dried, blue/green material at the joins) do you know if this has to be heated - perhaps to liquify it a bit before attempting to unfasten, or is it normal to just break the thread seal and then clean and re seal?

I am inexperienced with these devices but reasonably handy with DIY.

I am tempted to put the steel bend in a vice, secure it and just crack the 11mm steel union with a ring spanner. Any reason not to do this anyone?

thanks all