Pasquini Livia Parts Diagram Help?

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I'm trying to figure out the Livia 90 parts diagram
They Reference:
No "CE"
Then in the diagrams they show TAV.1, TAV.2 etc
Then they have what appeares to be dates (up to 10.01.06) on the side of some tables
Can someone help me with the meaning of all/some?

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Sure. what is the serial number on the front of your machine? Mine is 21107 so it's an old one with the original brew head that only takes an O-ring - no square-cross-section head gasket.

The parts diagrams that you will find on the web are for the post-new-brew-head models - PM is S = semiauto, DE is auto (the one with the 1 or 2 cup buttons on the front that can be programmed. Even the Bezzera BZ99 parts diagram only shows the new one. Bezzera made/makes this for Pasquini.
If you have the old one it would cost you about $250 to get all the parts to put a brew head on it that takes a square-cross section gasket. Or you can just use these from amazon - they work fine(that's what I do):

I have had mine for about a month now - love it - got it on ebay from sjustchuck. Fantastic machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Things like "TAV1" etc are just pipes that connect to another page in that pdf - no, it is not always clear, but pretty obvious.
Any questions, fire away!
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serial #29016
I believe mine has the newer grouphead with beveled gasket

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Life is too short for bad espresso! - Thunk-ed, NOT stirred!