Pasquini Livia not responding

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Hi all, I have a Pasquini livia 90S DE that started acting weird last few weeks I have replaced the safety relay the pressure gauge and repaired two bad relays in the control box, after putting everything together the machine stopped responding! When turned on the light in the switch it turns on but nothing else happens just silent machine. I have checked the continuity from the power source and the control box and it looks good. Any advice will be really appreciated I ran out of ideas, thanks in advance

Team HB

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If you're comfortable working around hot circuits, you can check the power supply in the controller. usually that will consist of a transformer, diode or diode bridge, capacitor and a 7805 like voltage regulator. The failures I've seen are the transformer, 117 in, nothing out, should be 12-18 VAC and a diode in the diode bridge failing. The first is easy to check by checking the resistance of both windings, the second is harder, but if you check on both AC and DC and DC looks good but AC is more than a few volts you might have a bad diode, with an oscilloscope it's easy to see. And lastly there is the electrolytic capacitor which I've heard goes bad but I've never seen that problem.

Kay (original poster)

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Thanks Ira,

The control box was repaired and tested so I assume is fully functional. I contacted the person who repaired it and he said the control box was fully functional before send it back to me

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Oh. Well, if you can't figure it out and you get to Los Angeles, I'll happily have a look. Is it possible you swapped 2 wires?

Kay (original poster)

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I live in San Diego not too far from LA, if I by any chance have a trip to LA I'll give you a head up so we can meet. Meanwhile I'll try my best to find the problem and fix it.

Thanks again Ira