Pasquini Livia 90S switch troubleshooting

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Hello all!
We have a Livia 90S Auto. Recently we had an issue where the power switch wouldn't initiate power. We could turn it on/off several times and eventually it would power up the machine. A "friend' held the switch down to keep the power to make his coffee; hence friend in quotations. It now doesn't turn on at all. We checked the guts and found heat damage to one of the plastic covers that insulate the metal clip that connects the wires to the back of the switch. That metal clip and the wire did not appear to have any damage. Ordered a new 16A 125V bipolar power switch. Took a photo of the wiring prior to replacing the old switch so I didn't miswire. Feeling pretty happy with myself at this point....plugged in the new switch and got humbled. The light on the switch itself does not light up, the yellow light to the right of the switch lights up, the green switch to left does not light up. Anyhow, I peeked into all the wiring and am thoroughly intimidated by the number of relays etc. Before I send this thing off for repair, anybody got any ideas? Thanks y'all...miss my homemade morning cortado.


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Hi jwaltenburg :) Sounds fascinating . . . can you share your photos? That will assist everyone here and also generate some interest (people love pictures and videos etc.) ;)