Pasquini Livia 90 turns off after 20-30 minutes

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Hi all -- My pasquini just started to have a power issue where it turns off after 20-30 min. Once it's off it won't turn back on until it's cooled off. I haven't debugged it too much yet and thought I'd post in here before I dove in. As far as I'm aware the machine has never had a power issue. Is there some kind of overheat safety in these machines that cuts all power?

Appreciate any help


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There's a main power relay inside the machine, located on the lower left, looking at the machine. That might be failing. There's a controller box above that, which also may be failing, and can be rebuilt by a forum member here, Pat Boyt (

You can see both in the photo below. The black box is the controller, and the clear box below it, is the power relay...

espressomonkey (original poster)

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That's what I figured -- is it normal for these to fail only at high temperatures? I ordered some insulation to maybe be a short term fix. Will take photos of the relay and control box tonight. Is there a way to tell which of the two (power relay or control box) is failing. Also anyone know where to get a new power relay?


#4: Post by austinado16 » will have the relay for it. Order some coffee since you're paying shipping anyway. But you can probably get that relay anywhere.

If you'd rather not "just throw parts at it," you can use a digital voltage/ohm meter to diagnose what's happening with the electrical components. I just tossed those 2 possibilities out there, because they seem to be the most common for the Livia 90S. They will also shut down if they either sense low water in the water tank, OR if that sensor is not working, or stops working.

Mine with 1/2" thick ceramic wool...

And with the electric filter installed (yellow rectangle) on the new pressure stat to prevent the microswitch contacts from burning (ChrisCoffee or Pasquini)....


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I had a similar issue with an Isomac machine years ago, turned out to be the controller, sent the controller off to forum member Pat Boyt for repair (reasonable price) as mentioned in a prior thread and I was back in business quickly.