Pasquini Livia 90 E/S pump runs continuously

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My first post, I am a Pasquini Livia 90 S/E # owner. Since my last rehab of the two solenoids, I've had this problem. After my first shot and steam for the milk, the machine sits quietly for maybe three minutes then the pump turns on along with the heater light. The pump will continuously run until the water tank is below its mark and shut off. Every walk into the coffee nook with water on the counter running down the drawer faces and a large amount on the floor, I have.
Has anyone experienced this?? I used to leave my machine on all day and draw about 5 to 10 shots with steam milk daily now I can't.


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My first thought is the boiler fill probes might need to be cleaned.

Is the e/s the semi auto or the automatic?

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Sounds like a problem with the control box, or the ribbon cable going to the touchpad, if the model which is programmable.

GMinaker (original poster)

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semi auto, it has the touch pad for single,double or continuous.

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yes, it is programable, Loose or ?? getting old.


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The ribbon cable on my Bezzera gave me trouble at the connection point near the touch pad. It was easily jostled into making a bad connection. I would try reseating it at both ends and see if that solves the problem.

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thanks i will try this,The last time I was in the machine I did move the wire bundle around, this may be the problem.