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Postby openmicman » Jun 07, 2019, 5:14 am

Firstly, sorry if the has been covered before. I can't find the exact model of machine that I have, so am posting this. I know nothing of machines, and will use the wrong words - I apologise.

I have a Riviera Espresso - see pictures. It doesn't mention the name Zacconi anywhere, but i assume this is what it is.

This is a parts diagram which I found and seems to relate to my coffee machine.

It has worked for the past ten years, but now when I turn it on and comes to pressure, water comes out of the main 'spout'. Perhaps this is a perished 'group gasket'?

So my question - can I get a set of gaskets that will cover any work I have to do on this machine... as opposed to buying them individually? When I take the machine apart, I reckon most gaskets will need replacing - ands don't want to be individually order them when I find they are perished. I have a feeling there will be nowhere in the UK that supplies these, so I will need to place one order.

In advance, thank you for any help you can offer - i'm desperate to get this machine up and running again - the Nespresso pods just can't compete with the real thing...


ps. If anyone knows of a repair place in the UK for these machines - i would also be interested!


Postby ppaolo2 » Jun 07, 2019, 6:35 am

Hi, I refurbished the same one a couple years ago, you can find all gaskets needed and some spare parts in case you need them at this website:

The machine is the Zacconi Riviera Espresso Baby, you can have more details here: ... a_5216.htm

It's quite easy to replace the piston gaskets, it works pretty much like a standard la pavoni pre-millennium, you can find many guides on this forum,
let me know if you need any help


Postby Alslaw » Jun 07, 2019, 10:49 am

You can also contact Tomaso at the Zacconi workshop:

I just ordered several gasket sets from Tomaso, and he offers very reasonable prices. I also have one of those riviera baby machines awaiting repairs, but the only issue with that particular machine is that I have been unable to source a shower screen.
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Postby openmicman » Jun 08, 2019, 4:52 am

Thanks for links. I've ordered the gaskets from

I need to replace the gasket in the porta filter / lever area - but can't see how this section comes away form the main body. The diagram doesn't show any bolts etc.

Any suggestions?


Postby ppaolo2 » Jun 08, 2019, 7:49 am

The group is welded, you need to remove the pins holding the lever shaft, the top nut and the lever. Then you push down with a piece of wood the piston rod after removing shower screen and gasket.


Postby openmicman » replying to ppaolo2 » Jun 08, 2019, 11:41 am

Thanks - will try.


Postby openmicman » Jun 12, 2019, 3:44 pm

Thanks for the help. I received my gaskets, and set to. Great sense of achievement when I had my first coffee!!! Replaced the porta filler gaskets and the steam wand gaskets. Quite tough getting the piston thing back up, but found I actually needed to guided the rubber gaskets in so I could push it back up).

Next question is why I'm not getting the crema (or the lighter foam on the coffee), but I'll post that in another section I guess.



Postby Alslaw » Jun 12, 2019, 9:36 pm

openmicman wrote:Next question is why I'm not getting the crema (or the lighter foam on the coffee)

Based on your photo, my guess would be the grinder. But it looks like you are getting the most out of your setup, and you already have some latte art practice! Cheers!
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Postby ppaolo2 » Jun 13, 2019, 6:26 am

Nice work! Did you lube your piston gaskets before reinstalling it into the machine?
About coffee crema, usually with this machine you won't get the same amount as a regular espresso machine but I agree that the culprit is the grinder for sure.

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Postby grog » Jun 14, 2019, 11:36 am

Re: lack of crema, you mentioned in your original post that it was operational for the past ten years. Did you have it all that time - and were getting 'normal' crema - or did you acquire it from someone who said it had been in service for the last ten years? Just trying to figure out if the lack of crema is relative to your prior experience or just generally lacking.
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