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Right, but is it a leaky OPV or a vacuum breaker valve?

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You guys were right. It was a sticky plunger inside the expansion (opv) valve. Once I had it open, it was really hard pull the plunger out because it was so locked up. Eventually got it out. Soaked in descaler, and brushed with a brass bristle brush. Reassembled with some food safe lube and it's working as normal again for now.

I have a new seal coming I'll drop in once it arrives.

The hardest part was getting everything out of the way to access the expansion valve.

It feels like such an achievement every time I fix something on here and put off the need for a new machine longer. Couldn't have done it without the diagnostics help of the community.

No more loss of pressure at the brew head, and no more leaking from the silicone tube into the drip tray. Thanks again!

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That's great - glad you were successful!

Feeding your machine with non-scaling water will go a long way to keeping things running smoothly with fewer downtimes.
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FranksHungry wrote:I have a new seal coming I'll drop in once it arrives.
Depending on the seat & condition, they can sometimes be flipped, adding another 15 years before:
FranksHungry wrote:the need for a new machine
Properly taken care of there is no reason a quality machine won't last at least 30+ years. Sadly, we see two year old machines that look worse than well maintained antiques.

FranksHungry (original poster)

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Yep. I screwed up with the water for the first 5 years thinking "NYC has the best tap water". I've spent the past few cleaning up that mess and now only use distilled + minerals.

30+ years! Wow. I've always heard 10-15 before pumps, heating coils, and PIDs start going.


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Edit: [Deleted post} I notice he's already completed the surgery when I found page 2.