OPV kit for Nuova Simonelli Oscar 2

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Hello there! Does anyone know where I can find an OPV kit for my nuova simonelli Oscar 2 in the USA?


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If you don't mind buying parts separately, you can make it the way I did, from ECM Giotto's OPV, which I bought from Stefano's. Other than OPV itself, you'll need a piece of 4x6mm PTFE tubing, two NS 07300364 STRAIGHT 1/8 fittings, one 1/8M to 1/8M BSP elbow fitting, one 1/8 BSP FFF tee fitting, 6mm barb tee, and a piece of 5x8mm silicone tubing. Here's the photo of how it looks (copied below). This is Oscar I, but it pretty much is the same machine.

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Hey! I'll definitely give it a try! Thank you!

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Once installed, how is the bar pressure? Do you see a difference?


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Well, sure, I see that the pressure is now limited by the OPV. I set around 9.5 bar on a blind basket, so it stays up to around 9 while brewing.

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So I installed the OPV kit from Elektros, but my machine isn't reading the water tank. Any clues as to why?