Olympic Cremina coming out of 17 year hibernation

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Ron Wolfe

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Does a Cremina need new seals and gasket that's been in storage for the past 17 years? It's a 92 that supposedly has had little use. Just researching before I make the plunge.

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Yes, I would think so. The seals will probably have become hard and might leak. You could be lucky and they are still ok to make shots without water leaking out. But I would change at least the two seals for the plunger which is an easy job. When buying a used cremina I would check if the heating element is still ok by filling the tank with water and trying to turn it on and see if the safety trips. The heating element is an expensive piece to replace ;)

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Ron Wolfe (original poster)

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Thanks Marco!


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I would take the group apart, and see if the gaskets are still soft. if so, clean them thoroughly and apply some food safe silicone grease for smooth operation (there is also a tiny shaft seal in the very top of the group, secured with a clip, dont forget to check and lube that one too)

the rest of the gaskets are 'static', they are okay as long as they are watertight.

Send some pictures!

Good Luck!
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