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I found an old Olympia Cremina. Really don't know much about espresso or coffee machines. But I tried repairing it, I did pretty much everything and cleaned it all out and change the gaskets, however when I tried it out today (finally) lots of steam came out. I really don't know much, can anyone help me out?
here is a video

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Hmm, if you look into the boiler do you see a metal dipper tube going from the group head down into the water in the boiler? The heater heats the water and the vapor pressurizes the boiler that will then force water into the group when you lift the lever through the dipper tube. Without the dipper tube, the group will be above water and you'll get only steam.

See this thread: Olympia Cremina Without Dipper Tube

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To elaborate on Gary's point, see Olympia Cremina 2002: The evolution of design and refer to this diagram. The dipper tube is shown above the RESISTENZA with the arrows leading to the GRUPPO ESPRESSO.

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