Olympia Cremina - dented boiler

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Hello all! I received a 1990 Olympia Cremina in the mail that, tragically, was not packed well at all. :( There was minimal padding inside the package, and at one point I think the package was dropped in such a way that the machine landed on the water tank lid, bending and possibly cracking the boiler.

Where do I go from here? I've tried finding replacement Cremina boilers online, but I haven't had any luck. Would it be possible to have this one welded?

Thank you in advance!

Edit: adding pictures:

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Personally, this is why packaging is insured and I would be returning it or being reimbursed for my outlay.

If you manage to find a matching intact boiler, you will be doing a fairly full rebuild or re-assembly of components to verify they weren't damaged as well and work properly.
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sleuth (original poster)
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Oh yes, the seller greatly preferred not to take it back, so I offered and paid a small fraction of what I originally purchased it for... little more than I would feel comfortable paying for Cremina-shaped modern art.

But I'd much prefer to get it working! Would be happy to rebuild if I managed to find a boiler.

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Insurance is almost always a waste of money. If that machine was not double boxed then the claim would very most likely be declined anyway. Remove the boiler and its attachments and get to a metal working shop. I pretty sure that the damage can be repaired and the boiler pressure tested. Talk to the seller about covering the repair cost.

I received the $1800 Hottop roaster pictured above for repair. As you can see, it was placed into a box and then surrounded with nothing more than crumpled brown craft paper and nothing more. There was not even enough packing to even come close to keeping the roaster from moving let alone protect it from outside forces. Note the indicated crack in the base which added substantially to the cost of repair.
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The boiler is damaged in a way that it would be hard to regard it as safe to operate any longer, if it will even operate. I suppose with a skilled boiler repairman and enough materials, a repair could be done (nickel plated copper or brass boiler) but the cost would buy you a replacement in working condition if not an entirely new machine.

A replacement boiler would have to be from a salvage machine.

I would treat this as a salvage machine for parts, which could work to get another nonworking unit running, with time and work.