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So, I had time last weekend to do some stuff.
I started to reconstruct the base of the machine from scrap aluminum rectangle tubes and a sheet of aluminum, it won't be too hard to do it. Unfortunately I do not have pics from that yet.

But I have some from the heating element:

Currently it is having a refreshing descaling bath

And for the curious ones from the inside of the boiler:

Does not look too good, but I guess some citric acid will solve this issue too.

And finally, it took approximately 4 hours to clean off the residue of nearly 20 years of hard coffee making. The result was a huge bucket of coffe colored liquid, I have rather not tasted it.

Sleep well Junior, until then.

Lefetylorant (original poster)

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Unfortunately one of my indicator light was really damaged and burned and the plastic cap on the green one was broken. As I've seen original replacement parts they cost a lot. Can somebody confirm me that these indicator lights are 220v?


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Were you able to get any further? If you decide it's beyond repair i would be interested in the heating element if its in decent shape...and if it will fit mine. I am restoring an m21 junior and need a heating element. Not sure if it would be a match...but I am curious.