Nuovo Simonelli Oscar ii Buttons Not Working

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Looking for some guidance and help please. Have an oscar ii and last night the led lights on the buttons stopped working. The machine still worked. Then this morning the buttons stopped working completely.

I have turned off the machine for a while. Have turned jt back on, water heats as normal, but again pressing brew buttons and nothing works.

Has anyone any suggestions please. Thanks

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Hi Camelot! :)

Excellent espresso machine made by one of the absolute best companies around :)

Here's an electrical schematic for the Oscar II (all credit to Nuova Simonelli), there is a connector on the Control Unit (Brain Box) that has the cable connection for the Keyboard (buttons). Check this connection to make sure it hasn't come loose on this machine that has a vibratory pump as a start :) In the below picture its the area in the green circle with a green arrow pointing to it . . .

. . . and here's a photo (with added annotations showing the connection for the "Keyboard"/buttons) posted by ohms in THIS HB THREAD (the red arrow are from the original post so not about the location of the Keyboard/Buttons) . . .

. . . and finally, here's the "Keyboard" connector on the front side of the machine that connects directly to the button control unit . . . it is from a photo posted by wolfrose in THIS HB THREAD . . .