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Removed the water level probe and found it was clean and seems to be in good shape. Also tested the water level and I'm fairly certain it is lower than the probe.
Used a toothpick and stuck it in the boiler as far as possible. Then compared it to the length of the probe at where I noticed the water level.

I also siphoned some water out of it with a straw and only got 1/2 cup. I decided to try turning it over and ended up with 4 cups of water total. It was also pretty nasty looking. Seems the boiler is not over filled as this should be less than half of it. Does this unfortunately point to bad electronics?

Here's a pic of the probe & water.

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After emptying the boiler I thought I would test it again. I reassembled leaving the single connection on the 2 way valve loose so I could test for water when turning it on. It seems to do the same thing which is heat light blinks on then off and then water light comes on after a minute. I tried hitting the brew button and got the same results with water sputtering out.

I also tested with the water level probe unplugged with no change. While I was working on this I found an old posting with what feels like the same issue. I'm now wondering if something on the brain is causing all the issues since I can hear a click coming from the bottom left of the case when i turn it on.!topic ... cC5cyXAP1c

I checked the brain box but couldn't figure out how it is attached to the case. Read something about a screw inside but couldn't see any. I would like to test it but I'm not sure what to test. I should be able to identify pieces that need replaced and can check for continuity like the other post.

I'm feeling like this has turned into quite the project and might not be as good of a deal as I originally thought. I'm starting to wonder if it would be better for me to take it to a shop to take a look. I checked with NS the other day and they mentioned the warranty was 2 years but I'm not sure when this was originally purchased or if my issues would be covered. Guessing it would have to do with there being visible water damage on electrical parts.

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After descaling

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Also disassembled the brain box before descaling. I can't see anything wrong but maybe it's just me.

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Thanks to plindy for the additional assistance but it's still not working. Looks like I'll be ordering a new brain. On the bright side the 2 way valve is not leaking with the brew cycle activated anymore and I got a chance to descale the boiler.

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Just disconnected the water reservoir leads and jumped them together. First try didn't start pumping but then I reconnected the water level probe and it is now drawing water in the boiler. Here's hoping a good cleaning of the leads fixes it. Is it possible the function of the brain has been changed in later models to not allow any activity when the probe is disconnected?

I let it fill the rest of the way and the pump kicked off. I opened the steam valve and it released some pressure then started heating. Looks like it may be working without replacing any parts!