Nuova Simonelli Oscar is leaking where plastic hoses enter brass blocks above boiler, cheap fix?

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On the left side of my Oscar, there are white plastic hoses that enter the brass fittings. There is a little plastic clip but the water is leaking from that seal. On the hose which is NOT leaking, the clip feels like there is a good rubber seal, on the hoses which are leaking, the clips feel very loose and move around easily unlike the non-leaking clips.

I went to my local professional repair shop but they recommended that I replace the brass fittings and that is going to be quite expensive. Is there a much cheaper way of repairing these connections? I haven't attempted to remove them because I'm still using the machine but its starting to leak badly. I tried to pull the hose out of one of them but it didn't want to come out so I didn't pull hard, didn't want to break something.

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not sure if I'm following correctly

but on yours the tube pushes in instead of being screwed on ?

The push-in type are the earliest connector used and may have gone the way of all flesh
push in on the plastic bit while pulling out on the tube , sometime it works easily and other times not so much
you will need extra tube and the ability to cut it squarely
that might could work

these the tube is pressed on the taper and the nut screwed on to form the lip on the tube end

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Yes, mine are not the screw on type like your pictures, mine are the push on type. That is what I'm trying to avoid is having to buy 60 dollars worth of parts if possible. I was hoping that there was a way I could repair the existing connectors if possible.

Here are pictures of the leaking areas, I circled them in red.

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Anyone have any ideas? Is it possible to upgrade to the barb style connections instead of the push on?

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I think I've seen the part for sale:
possible the part you need
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