Nuova Simonelli Oscar II board replacement help!

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#1: Post by ohms »

Hey all,

Thought someone here might have come across this before. I'm replacing the board in my Oscar II, and I've come across a connector which is new to me - I cannot get the black pins on the right of the first image out! They have a corresponding hole on the male side and appear to be locked in place. They do have a tiny plastic push tab a 1/3 of the way in, but even depressing that and pulling doesn't release it! What am I missing here? :oops:

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#2: Post by plindy »

Hi Ohms

Ur not missing anything
the spade or male connecter has a locking hole
the flag or female terminal has a locking tab
u need to push the flag terminal down enough for the tab to clear the hole in the spade;
and use a probe small enough to move tab out of the hole;
pull up slightly, remove the probe, pull off..

failing that; looks like the black cover can partially open to gain greater access;
maybe the push tab needs to be pushed out
or a combination...



#3: Post by jpboyt »

Plain old flag terminal with locking tab. Elbow grease is the tool required to remove. Flap on top is the cover that is closed once the wire is crimped. Worldwide consensus is that they suck but they do not fall off which makes the manufacturer happy.