Nuova Simonelli Oscar - Does anyone have pics of boiler inside?

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I wonder if anyone has ever cut Oscar's boiler open and took pictures of what's inside. I'm interested in the inner HX tube construction - is it just a piece of a pipe, or smth more sophisticated?


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Hi vas, Hope everyone with you in best of health at this time :))

I second that motion! Would be cool to see! :-)


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Hi vas :) . . . here's a few crude models of the Oscar I, HX (Heat Exchange) Boiler. A few notes:
(1) The big diameter hole alone on one end of the boiler is the Heating Element location;
(2) The three smaller diameter holes on the opposite end are:
(a) bottom left hole: water input for the larger steam boiler vessel);
(b) bottom right hole: HX Line return from Group Line and Water Replenish from Reservoir;
(c) top left hole: HX Line out (to the Solenoid/Group). Note while the solenoid
is closed, the water just thermosiphons around the loop, entering bottom right hole,
and making the loop inside the Steam Boiler Vessel, and exiting the top left hole;
(3) The top three holes are for Pressurestat, Water Level Probe, Steam Line. There are
slightly different models of this boiler it should be noted that have four holes on top;
(4) If you would like to know what the HX (Heat Exchange) pipe is like inside the HX
Boiler, you can view about 1 inch (2.5 cm) of this pipe sticking out of the end of the Steam
Boiler Vessel at the end opposite the Heating Element Hole. The HX Pipe actually penetrates
the Steam Boiler end wall where it has been fabricated into place. Both the water return
line and the water delivery line have this approximately 1 inch of HX Pipe sticking out of the
boiler, so you can see exactly what it looks like if you are wondering :)


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In PMs with vas, have found some pictures of the Nuova Simonelli 2 Liter HX Boiler. vas requested I put the info in the post so folks could get a look in future :)

. . . all credit to poster "Bames" at Aus website coffee snobs who posted these wonderful pictures on 25 November 2011, 08:25 AM :))

. . . and two annotated pictures with one rotated to get the correct configuration . . .


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Here's an interesting hydraulic schematic for a "MUSICA" (same/similar boilers to OSCAR):

Interestingly, this hydraulic schematic shows the water level, the elongated C-shaped HX Tube, how the water level probe and top of the HX Line are configured. There are some unusual arrangements of items on the top of the boiler and a few other items but the schematic is very interesting and adds something to this thread I hope :)