Nuova Simonelli Oscar 1 brewing shuts off after 20 seconds

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I pickup a very poorly maintained Oscar 1. I've done a full tear down, descaling and replacing all seals and gaskets. All seems fine except one issue. After pressing the brew button to pull a shot, the brewing stops after 20 seconds. The brew button de-activates and brew light goes off. This is repeatable every time. It's as if it has a pre-programmed brew time. Which I understand the Oscar 1 doesn't have. What else could be causing this?? Thanks!


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Hi there-

Some Oscar 1's DO have a programming feature. Mine does not, but I came across a piece of an official manual once that contains the description of how to do the programming. See if that works. Also, the youtube video below shows a demo of an Oscar I that has the programming feature. Shows you how to use it. Good luck.

From the manual fragment:

Youtube vid (go to about minute 16):

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Geeked, you're the BEST. Thanks for this info. You've made my day!!