Nuova Simonelli Musica boiler not filling

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Hey everyone, I've been working on fixing up an old nuova simonelli musica that was given to me. I replaced the boiler and did a decent cleaning of the whole thing including all pipes and solenoids. However, when I turned it on for the first time, it didn't draw any water from the tank. I tried some things to troubleshoot like manually priming the pump with a syringe, lifting the steam lever and repeatedly pressing the brew button, and lifting the tank in and out but none of these worked. So I decided to replace the pump and at first that was promising and it looked like it was drawing water, but then there was a leak between the pump and bypass valve (see pic, was leaking at circle), so I changed the o ring and tightened it up and now it's not drawing any more water. Did I tighten it too much? What else could be going on? Am somewhat of a beginner on fixing things so am a little confused. Thanks for any help, can add more images if that helps.

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I've narrowed down my problem to the bypass valve (I think this is the same as OPV??). When I disconnected everything downstream and upstream from the pump, I was still met with resistance when I tried to manually prime with a syringe. When I took off the bypass and primed, water went through easily and the pump made a distinctly different noise. I've already descaled the valve and it did not help. So my question is, what can be done about this? Should I just buy a new bypass? New o ring? Try descaling again? Is there something else I can do to the bypass? Thanks for any advice.