Nuova Simonelli Musica blinking coffee dispensing & water level lights

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Jose Boulanger

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:D Good morning and hello..since I'm new to this forum I'll start by thanking any help forth coming from anyone. I m trying to start my machine to no avail, i keep getting the blinking lights after going through the normal starting procedures, turn the main electric switch on then pressing the start button on the front display the machine then goes into its water loading cycle except this time it goes on for an extremely long time and after it finishes the lights will come on and start blinking.

Ive done general and thorough maintenance in the past when the machine showed the same behavior and some technician diagnosed there could be a problem with the retaining valve, since said valve wasn't available we just went to town on the valve which was indeed very much filled with calcium deposits. Upon reading some of the posts regarding the musica I'm thinking I'll try the water level probe .... That pretty much sums up my situation.