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Hey guys, I had to flush the boiler to clean any residue from left from the repair. Maybe I pushed this little guy to the limit but one of the wires got so hot it caught on fire and broke off. Does anyone know what could of caused this? I did continuously ran it for almost an hour if not more. Could it just have over heated? I fixed it just curious what caused it.

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Some upgrades!
Repaired the boiler again. Removed the culprit, I cut the bridge and had my friend seal the leak.
Made some custom metal panels.
Expanded the space between the head gasket and the tray.

So far so good. Still a working progress.


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Wow! That looks like quite a mod, congratulations! Apologies, I somehow missed your earlier post...I've left my unit on for many hours and never had any wire catch fire. I can only guess that the wire was damaged or had a weak spot that caused the issue, but it might be wise to measure the resistance of the element just to be sure it's not drawing too much current somehow.
The panels and increasing of the portafilter to drip tray space is a major upgrade, one of the things most often complained about on the Elli/matic.

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Thank you. I'm still not done, I still have to finish the casing. There are no more leaks and she makes GREAT espressos. I think just about everything in this machine can be replaced, I just don't know what to do if the heating element ever breaks. As far as the wire, it was old and brittle, I don't believe it was an over voltage. But to be in the safe side, how do I check the voltage and what should the voltage be? I plan on expanding the water reservoir. I do have 1 question. There are 3 water hoses. 2 long ones and 1 short one in top of the boiler. I see water go in and out, more out than in. Picture below. The water hose isn't very long and I thought of expanding that so that it reaches the bottom all the way but before I do, is this a purposeful design? Should I leave it the way it is? I did have the replacement the thermalstat.


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To check the element you'll need a multimeter. Do you have one? Also, please confirm the wattage of you machine, as well as the voltage in your country.
The pipes running back into the water reservoir normally doesn't do much, unless your unit was modified. Can you post another pic from the top showing the different tubes and where they come from?
You can extend the main feed line, just be sure to use silicone tube, and be sure to cut it with a v shape at the end so it can't suck onto the water reservoir!

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None of my business, really, and I'm sure you know what you're doing, but that's an ungrounded machine with wires old and brittle enough to burn or break.

Be careful with that thing, if a phase conductor ever burns free of its terminal and contacts the frame, YOU become the grounding conductor. I suggest a new, 3-prong power cable and plug more than anything.