Nuova Simonelli Appia brew pressure issue

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Hi there

I am experiencing some pressure issues with my espresso machine. I hope that you guys can help me out.

I will post some videos down below, im going to try my best to describe the issue/s.

once the machine has fully heated up, I purge the steam wands, which is all fine. I run water through the group head, then steam comes out with a little bit of water dripping - the pressure does not change when doing this.

What I have found is that in order to make the espresso machine function as it should, I will need to run the hot water about two times and then run water again through the group head. Thereafter the pressure seems OK and water flows nicely through the grouphead. However, I will need to repeat this process if I let the espresso machine stand for 1 to 2 minutes.

Just a note that after running the hot water tap, there seems to be a weird noise coming from the espresso machine. I will describe the sound as a high pitch screeching sound.

I must also add that I noticed a drop leak at the pump. I will attach a picture of the section where it is leaking.

I hope that someone can shed some light on the above.

Ps: I still have to figure out how to post a video, I have attached the photo of the drop leak.

I have also taken the showerheads off as well as the diffuser plate and cleaned everything. I've also run a cleaning cycle.