Nuova Simonelli Appia 1 group doesn't turn on

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Hi there, I've owned my Nuova Simonelli appia 1 group for about a year without any issues.

After turning the machine off last night, now it does not want to power on.

When I plug in the machine the blue standby light turns on and starts flashing.
When I try to power the machine on by holding the power button down all the lights flash once and then it goes back to standby.

It's not even trying to activate the boiler or pump, just as it's just giving up before booting.

It's making me crazy, and I don't know where to start troubleshooting.

I would appreciate any help on where to start looking!!!

DanielL (original poster)

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I emptied the tank suspicious that the water level was too high, the machine then turns on and pumps in water until the correct level. After filling and trying to turn on the boiler it shuts off again.

It has a safety thermostat but the red button is clicked in, can it still be faulty?

I don't know the location to check any thermal fuses as it's not visible on the schematics.

Maybe the board is toast?

Anything I can try to get the boiler started?

Could water pressure be a culprit?

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DanielL wrote:Anything I can try to get the boiler started?
Post a detailed electronic schematic of your machine. As well, pics might help.
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