No water from group head - Sage (Breville) BES980UK

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Hello all!

Sage (Breville) BES980UK (dual boiler type) was working fine, but after being away for a month or so, no water is coming out of the group head.

I only use calcium-free & filtered water. Hot water and steam work as normal & temperatures are fine.

When I press the 2-cup button everything sounds/seems normal (maybe slightly more muffled noise after the pre-infusion). No water goes into the drip tray, don't know if it should if there is a clog/blockage?

I've just cleaned the three-way valve next to the coffee boiler as that seems to be the common issue.

I suspect a blockage in the group block, but I don't know if that is unlikely? I haven't been backflushing as regularly as I should.

Any suggestions?