No brew pressure in espresso machine.

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I purchased a 2nd hand La Faimac Simple two group machine. It works fine with coarse ground coffee, but when I have coffee pre ground for me from my local coffee shop for espresso I have issues. The coffee comes out looking just like water (clear) and when i take the group handle off the coffee grounds look like melted chocolate. The machine does not get above 2 bar of pressure. There is also some water droplets coming out from around the group head. Any ideas??

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Problem is it's probably not fine enough. Video would be nice, might need new head gaskets for portafilter also.

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In addition to the (valid) points already made: did you see it work before buying? Do you know why it was sold, how much use, how old?

I'd start trying to find out where the water comes from, you can test the group head seal using a blind filter (you'll need one anyway for backflushing) if all seals are OK pressure should go up all the way (provided the gauge works). Where does the portafilter lock? If that point is way to the right when compared to pointing straight at you the group head seal is likely done (gets very hard too).
If it's not the grind or group head seal the pump may need to be redone.
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Not much sense using pre-ground coffee from somewhere that isn't adjusting the grind based on the results, You'll never be able to tell how much of your problem is the grounds and how much is the machine. As previously suggested take the mis-leading factors out of the equation, instead of using someone else's idea of coffee grounds, use a blind filter, it will always have the same permeability (0).
Once you prove that the machine is or is not able to maintain flow against 9.5 or 10+ bar, let us know if the machine has issues.

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I just replaced the seals on a La Faimac Simple Machine. I was having issues of leakage when using finer grounds, the new seals mean that i can now use it with fine espresso grinds without issues. When using a closed basket the dial reads 7 bars of pressure, is this an issue and is there a way to increase the pressure to 9 bar?

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FYI, I merged your new thread with your prior one on essentially the same problem.

As for the brew pressure at 7 bar, I recommend closer to 9 bar for better crema and body. I'm not sure what kind of pump your machine has; based on my searches, it is probably a vibratory pump. Adjustment is covered for both types in the FAQs and Favorites under Rotary Pumps and Vibratory Pumps.
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