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Having had a V1 Silvia for quite some time and now a Pro version for several years the only minor complaint I have/had was with the dispersion disc design. Even new out of the box the Pro version disc has a bit of an odd edge/lip where the shower screen should bottom out. If perfectly centered/pressed on evenly it seemed to seat OK and be fine, but doesn't take much in the way of slightly overtightening, updosing, etc. to tweak the screen to be a bit uneven side-side because of that dispersion disc lip design. That would often lead to a change in flow and channeling in that area. No doubt with the brass being a bit soft that area will get worn with typical use, cleaning, reassembly, etc. Thought about trying a different screen type or possibly slightly modifying the stock brass disc, etc. and at the end of the day decided to try a totally different disc and ordered this... ... ilio-pro-x

Haven't seen that product mentioned much at all, but the fit/finish is perfect for the machine and the shower screen is a MUCH smoother fit compared to the stock disc. Thought the price was a bit steep until I saw the OEM type averaging $70, so stainless precision for the win.