Newbie: Used Rancilio Silvia coffee brew switch not working.

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I'm a newbie to quality espresso machines and cafe' quality espresso at home.

I purchased a preowned Rancilio Silvia V3 w/ PID for boiler temperature.

The only way I can pull a shot is to turn on coffee brew switch and then the hot water switch to activate the pump to dispense water through the brew head. It only takes 10 seconds to make a double shot, not 30ish seconds using this method.

Is this normal w/ a PID attached. If I only use the coffee brew switch like with a stock unit nothing happens.
I removed the top cover and the PID looks to be professionally installed with proper connectors and cable ties to keep things tidy and wires away from the boiler.

Please advise me.


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I have a Silvia with Auber pid and I start shots from the pid. Do you known which pid it is ? Does the pid have buttons ?

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Yes my PID has buttons.


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Yea, we have the same set up. You need to download the Auber pid instructions. To brew I flip the brew button on and then hit the second button on the pid.

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I can't seem to find the instructions for my unit. I will try your directions now. My fingers are crossed.

Ok, I tried it and this is what happened. I turned on coffee brew switch and then his the 2nd button on the left. A relay clicked and it started for a second, paused, then continued dispensing water. I had to manually turn off brew switch on the machine to stop the water from flowing when cup was full. It seems like it took about 15 seconds or less to dispense 6 oz. Is this correct?


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If it's like mine, you hit the button and, 1st preinfusion, what ever time you have set, then it brews for however long you have it set to. Currently I have mine set to 26 seconds. Here is a link to set up.

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Thank you. You're awesome.