New Solenoid Gaskets for Breville / Sage Dual Boiler

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I'm in the process of replacing the O rings for my Breville Dual boiler. I also checked the solenoid at the same tome an noticed the green gaskets that came with a replacement solenoid look in a bad state. (I replace the solenoid over 2 years ago).

The Solenoid doesn't appear to be leaking at the moment, but I thought it's worth doing while I'm working on the machine.

The original solenoid had white disc gaskets for the solenoid. Does anyone know where I can source these from?
Also what's the best way to clean up the 2 plates of the solenoid (without doing any damage).

I'm based in the UK.

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Sorry, I'm not sure where to source new gaskets but if you by chance still have the old solenoid just swap the old white seals for the green ones in the new solenoid. IIRC, the original white gaskets are teflon (PTFE) and will last pretty much indefinitely unless they are damaged. They tend to seal better too, I think.

I'm not sure of the best way to clean it either but I'm sure that's covered somewhere in the "long" BDB threads. The search function will be your friend.

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Cheers John
I do still have the white ones

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That o-ring is common to many machines that use that footprint, not sure if everyone calls it the "Lucifer valve footprint" but when Faema started using Parker Lucifer's version of it, people I know adopted that name for that square base. Anyway, if you want a good cross-reference to what various manufacturers call that o-ring, here's some part numbers. Find out what your local guy repairs and he'll know that manufacturer's part number for it.