New Rocket Appartamento - no pump activation

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I recently just placed an order for a Rocket Appartamento espresso machine which was delivered yesterday. All was in perfect condition and the first time set up was carried out successfully.

Upon not deciding to use the machine and delayed using it properly for the first time until this morning I turned the machine off.

However, upon turning the machine on this morning and doing the necessary preparations, when lifting the lever for the flow control through the group head, there is no pump activation and water fails to flow through the group head.
I have attached below a video image to represent the issue.

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Have you thought of contacting the company you purchased it from?


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The only thing i will eventually try, is to push the button that should be engaged by the lever just to verify if the pump run, anyway , you definitely must to contact the seller, to avoid the warranty to be invalidated.

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Did the pump ever run? Did it fill its own boiler for about 40 seconds when you first turned it on? Surely you've heard the pump run at some point if it has enough water in it to blow that much steam out of the brew circuit. If it filled its boiler properly, did you fill the brew circuit afterward (Raise the handle and let the pump run until water comes out the head)? It's showing 1 Bar of expansion pressure on the pump gauge of a machine that can not be plumbed in, there is some water in the HX.

As mentioned previously, does the brew button behind the cam do nothing?
Sorry, but we need more information if we're going to solve this.
I agree with call the seller, make sure that they agree you can fix this without ruining your warranty.

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Pump ran on first-time installation. The boiler filled when turning the machine on. It is not plumbed in and i did fill the brew circuit.
The brew button is being pushed in but doing nothing.

I have contacted the seller.

thanks for all your help guys.