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I believe s.404 is the part (red edge). I am not having luck pulling s.133 off. Question, how much pressure needs to be coming out of the boiler to open the spring s.88? My testing has just been to simply turn on the machine until steam was spitting out of the boiler tube. Maybe there is not enough to open this valve?



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I believe that if you have steam coming out of the boiler tube to the steam wand, that should be enough pressure to make the contraption work. I was able to get the thing loose, with big wrenches. Do you have access to a vise for the big brass piece. The brass is soft, so it's easy to round an edge if you slip. I do advise care. This is why is bought a complete new steam wand for $70.


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I am beginning to think the same way about a new one. I have a video of my steam output, but this web site will not allow me to post. Anyway I can get you to take a look and verify it seems OK before I order another unit?

Bothers me a little as I just had Seatlle Coffee Gear do this work a few weeks ago.



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I am not an expert and really can't verify that you have sufficient steam pressure. However, if it is heating up sufficiently so it generates steam, then the wand assembly merely lets it pass through. If Seattle Coffee Gear worked on the machine a few weeks ago, and worked on the steam wand, you could take the wand assembly back? I don't know what else to say...


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Thanks Myron and thanks Nick for the schematic. I will give this a few more tries then probably move on. I have had very slow response from SCG. Thanks again for your help!


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:D You are welcome.

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Late to the party;

Just to clarify, S-88 holds S-404 in a normally closed configuration, until opened by turning, valve S07300358.
The diagram shows the newer 2 part steam body, while you have the older one piece steam body.
The S-133 is a 21mm, the steam body best held a vise, or depending on the steam body casting 22mm.
A short, sharp, shock, or 2 will work better than steady torque. Also a light tap clockwise, can help start the loosening process.
Once inside a motorized bottle or brass bore bush to clean ID.
Light coating of food safe lube

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