New Fellow "Pro" Stagg Kettle Lid Problem

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I just purchased Fellow's new Stagg Pro Kettle. It's a nice looking item, and seems to work well so far, but one thing I'm having a lot of trouble with is the lid. After the kettle is heated, it's extremely hard to get the lid off, bordering on impossible unless you use a whole lot of force. It's a pretty bad design flaw, especially because it feels like it will shorten the lift of the item.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? Any fixes?

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I have a new Corvo Pro and I've no issues with the lid. My experience with Fellows customer service is good, so I'd just ask on their customer service portal on the web site or an email to

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It's a somewhat known problem. Apparently, Fellow was possibly made aware of the problem by a tester: I knew about this before I bought it, but in practice, it's turned out to be a real pain, which is frustrating given how expensive the kettle is. So I'm wondering if anyone here has come up with any clever fixes...

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ira wrote:... so I'd just ask on their customer service portal on the web site or an email to
Or post in the Fellow-supported thread: Fellow news and information!
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I received my Pro yesterday, used four times and I have not experienced the problem. Actually removing the lid when hot was easier than the regular base model, without the rubber ring.
Maybe you just need a new lid.
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