Need Photo - Eureka Mignon Electrical Board 110v

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I'm trying to find a way to convert my 220V Eureka Mignon Grinder to 110V after I relocated from Europe to the US.

In theory it's fairly simple, just change the power supply, in practice nobody sells the parts anywhere for that.

So I would need a few photos from our proud Eureka Mignon Owners living in a 110V country:


It's very easy to access, just flip the gringer. Remove the anti slip pads, and unscrew the 4 screws under. Done :)

If possible, no model with an LCD screen, I'm fairly certain the electronics here are a lot more complicated.

I was able to identify the following:
- USA: 110V => 1013.1020 20uF capacitor
- EU: 220V => 1013.0008 8 uF capacitor

The kits (if they were sold) would have been:
- USA: 110V => 2313.0002KIT110 or 211.1102KIT110
- EU: 220V => 2313.0002KIT220 or 211.1102KIT220*

A few useful links:
- ... -pdf.45707
- ... ialita.pdf
- ... akdown.pdf
- ... rfetto.pdf

Thanks a lot everyone for the help :)

funkybrewer (original poster)

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I think I just found what I was looking for:

Which seems to indicate that instead of paying 100$ for a complete board, I could just pay <5$ to just change the transformer:


Pairing this with a new motor capacitor:

And most likely will do the trick :)

Team HB

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I'm going to guess that the motor is also 220V and changing what controls it and the capacitor will not make it work correctly on 110 unless is got dual windings. Some motors have two 110V windings. Connected in series it's a 220V motor, connected in parallel it's a 110V motor, ut unless it's set up like that and you rewire it properly, I'm guessing while it might turn, it will likely have very little power.