Need help with water lines placement Astoria Argenta AEP 1N Jun single group

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#1: Post by Marty_Strange » Aug 14, 2019, 3:34 am

Hello everyone,
I'm hoping someone who owns or has knowledge of a 2003 Astoria Argenta AEP 1N Jun single group can help me reconnect the water lines to the correct places.

I recently bought this machine, completely dismantled it, replaced almost everything, soaked and cleaned everything else.. now that I've reassembled it, the water connections don't seem to be in the right places. I took lots of pictures before disassembling it, so I know I put all of the lines back the way they were.

Could someone either tell me or send pictures of the correct water line connections from the inlet on the front underside of the machine, most mostly what do the two water lines on the motor connect to, and the two pump lines? (For instance: the left line on top of the motor connects to.. ?)

Thanks for your help.

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#2: Post by nirdvorai » Aug 14, 2019, 2:59 pm

Did you try to go over the parts diagram in Astoria website? they can be helpful.
Also, if you won't find your answer here, you can contact the technician team in Astoria USA.
From my experience they were very helpful.

You can upload some photos to here as well.


#3: Post by sar5w » Aug 14, 2019, 10:11 pm

If your machine is anything like mine, you will have something like this at the inlet/manual fill valve:


Where the braided stainless line is water coming into the machine from mains/filtration setup. The smaller black braided line at the bottom left goes to the pump inlet which below is the "top" of the pump.


The outlet of the pump has a "T" with one path (capillary tube in my case) going to the pressure gauge for pump pressure. The second path goes to the motor cooling jacket. The inlet of the cooling jacket is the single connection, the outlet is the "T" on the motor body. One path of the outlet goes to the autofill solenoid. The second path comes back to the flow meter inlet.

I've never looked at the specs of the motor to see if it really gets all that hot, but . . . every time the pump is active, water is going through the loops of the body of the motor, weeee!

Hope this helps!