Need help regarding my old Rancillo S27

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Hi everyone:

I am new to here. Recently my old Rancillo S27, which i loved so much for the past few years, encountered some problem. I will try describe it so that someone maybe can help me with some answer:

few weeks ago, after I turned the machine on and wait until the pressure rose to where it should be, but when I press the brew button, no water came out from the group head. I tried other brew buttons, it appears the same. The water ran a very short time (2s) and shut off. it does not produce the volume as it suppose be. So I remove the cover, here is what I found. The little LED indicator on the flow meter was instantly on, which should be rapid flashing when water ran through. I then unplug the wire on flow meter, pressed the brew button again, it seem running, hot water came out, but would stop about half way as it normally should be. I plugged the wires back on, press the button, no water came out, not even a running noise. The indicator LED on the brew button, just flash once without any click sound.

I first thought it would be the flow meter. So bought a new lid and replaced it. But the problem is still there, was not resolved.

Could anyone here help me to find out what exactly the problem is?

Really appreciated!