Need help rebuilding my group head and I think the current parts on it are wrong.

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I have a Pasquini Livia 90 (same as Bezzera BZ99) that I was having some electrical issues with and with the great help from folks here has been worked out.

Now I want to rebuild the grouphead as I know it needs it. The rubber gasket has literally petrified, it's as hard as a rock and when trying to remove it big chunks chip and go flying off. I know I wanted to go silicone, but didn't know what I needed exactly. I measured with a digital caliper, but saw that they sold one on Pasquini's website, but of course out of stock. Luckily they list the measurements and I found one on Amazon made by Cafelat. It's an E61 gasket, they sell it on 8.5mm thick and 8mm thick. I was wondering if the 1/2 mm would be beneficial, but went 8mm since that's what was listed on Pasquini's website. Thoughts? Was this a decent purchase/good gasket?

Next is the shower screen and dispersion plate. Mine look completely different than anything I see online. It has big ridges on the outside, a rubber o-ring that goes on the back of it between the dispersion plate and the grouphead, and the shower screen is much smaller and fits inside the dispersion plate.

After doing a lot of reading I think I might know what this is, but others can tell me if I'm correct or not, yet I cannot find any pics of this particular dispersion plate and shower screen at all. Was this one used for pods of some type? I see that there were pod conversion sets for this machine.

So I'm guessing I'll need to buy a regular dispersion plate like this one.

Is there a better plate that someone suggests, like if IMS or someone makes a better system???

Lastly for the shower plate, I know that I 100% want to go with an upgraded one like an IMS nanotech. Even though I've been using a what I think pod setup on this machine, I went from the stock portafilter basket to an IMS and like it quite a bit.

Again I see that Pasquini sells a shower screen on their website that is clearly made by IMS with Bezzera branding on it, but at $42 plus shipping, eeek. I can get one on Amazon for anywhere between $15 and $28 with free shipping. I see there are others on this forum that have bought the IMS shower screen for the Livia 90, so I'm hoping I can get guidance on which is the correct one to buy. I know the one I'm supposed to get is 57mm in diameter, but unsure of sidewall height and such. I want to make sure I get the best and correct that I can.

I'm guessing I want to get the thinner walled one like this one. I do want the nanoquartz tech on it correct? Or is there a reason to stay away from it? But at $29 free shipping it's a decent savings. RA200NT, that's my guess.

Any help with this so that I can put my machine into service would be sooo great!

Thank you,

saabracer23 (original poster)

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One other question about the dispersion plate since I clearly have to get a new one. This older one (maybe pod) has an o-ring that goes between it and the grouphead. It has a shallow channel that the o-ring sits in. I can't see the same channel in the new plate, is there supposed to be an o-ring there?